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Marketing Manager 面议 2020-11-05 see details 
工作地点 : 辽宁省 - 丹东市 - 东港市 部        门 : Marketing Department 工作年限 : 3-5年 学        历 : 本科 招聘人数 : 2
description of job: Job Responsibilities: 1. Realize the effective amount of newly signed contracts through business development; 2. Track the implementation of the project, eliminate the shortcomings of the project in time, and realize the project payment as planned; 3. Assist in the organization of business promotion activities; 4. Participate in customer strategic cooperation negotiations. job requirements: 1. College degree or above; 2. Have more than 5 years of work experience in the sales of accessories and spare parts in the wind power industry; 3. Ability to independently open up markets and sign orders independently; 4. Having the resources of wind power industry owners and OEM customers is preferred; 5. Those who have successful sales experience of similar products in the same industry or have a good reputation in the industry are preferred; 6. Strong teamwork ability and team leader is preferred; 7. Clear logic, clear presentation, and basic business etiquette and business communication skills.
sales consultant 面议 2020-11-05 see details 
工作地点 : 辽宁省 - 丹东市 - 东港市 部        门 : Sales 工作年限 : 1-3年 学        历 : 专科 招聘人数 : 5
description of job: 【Job Responsibilities】 (1) According to the characteristics of the company's products, develop potential effective customers through a variety of models, channels and market activities; (2) Analyze customer needs, help customers develop asset allocation plans and provide suggestions; (3) Regular customer return visits, maintenance and redevelopment of old customers; (4) To complete the sales target set by the sales manager, and be responsible for fully publicizing, promoting and selling the company's products; (5) Based on customer feedback learned from front-line work, propose product and process optimization suggestions to the company 【Recruitment Requirements】 1. Unlimited major; 2. Pursue high bonus income, keen on sales, have a strong sense of professionalism and enterprising spirit; 3. Perseverance, courage to challenge, hard work, perseverance and determination to achieve work goals; 4. Outgoing personality, good interpersonal relationship, good at communication; 5. Have a good ideological and moral character, love and respect work, be honest and trustworthy, and have a high team spirit.
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