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After-sales Policy

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After-sales Policy

(Summary description)


Quality assurance and after-sales service commitment

1. Customer service concept

Dandong Tongda Technology Co., Ltd. emphasizes the customer service concept of “customer needs as the starting point” and strengthens the customer service system. Our services go beyond the traditional response support concept for troubleshooting, from planning, design to implementation, providing systematic, reasonable, effective and end-to-end services to help users master and utilize new products, new technologies, and comprehensive Improve the actual use value of products, improve user productivity and service standards.


2. Customer Service System

In order to provide users with the highest quality service, Tongda Technology regards service as the most important product, establishes a complete and scientific service management specification, and strives to make the service professional, diversified and hierarchical, providing users with Long-term, comprehensive technical support and services including technical consulting, engineering

implementation, and professional training. Customer service runs through the entire process of pre-sale, sale and after-sales.

Pre-sales services include:

1. Business Consulting: Customers can quickly get the service assistant's service through customer service hotline, email, fax, website message, etc., so that you can understand the business scope of our company in the shortest time.

2, technical consultation: through the establishment of customer technical advice hotline, e-mail, website message reply, etc. to answer customer technical advice and technical communication with customers.

3. Product plan: Through many communication with customers, understand the current situation of customers, customer needs, and assist the best products and models according to the actual situation of customers.

In-sale services include:

1. Professional training: Doing professional training related to products is a necessary condition for project establishment, ordering, implementation and use. Based on the importance of professional training, our company has established a complete set of pre-sale, sale and after-sales training systems. .

2. After the product arrives at the site, the site will focus on training, and provide overall training for specific use requirements and technical features, so that the customer can systematically grasp the product principle, configuration and use, so that the customer can master the daily operation and use of the entire product.

After-sales service includes:

1. Product maintenance: Provide customer's maintenance requirements in a variety of ways (customer service hotline, email, fax, website message) to provide the best solution. If the customer service personnel can't solve the problem, we will pick it up. Immediately respond to the service call, such as technical problems that cannot be solved by the phone, dispatch a professional to solve the problem within 72 hours. After the troubleshooting, the maintenance personnel should analyze the result and provide a fault report.

2, quality assurance: from the date of acceptance of the instrument to the buyer, as the equipment quality assurance period begins. The seller has a one-year warranty on the equipment and free technical support for life.

3. Upgrade service: Provide lifelong free software upgrade service for products. Due to changes in user needs, our company will charge a fee at a preferential price.


3. Customer service principle

Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit. To provide users with efficient and comprehensive services, and to maximize the protection of users' investment interests is our constant service principle.

1. The first question responsibility system

Respond immediately after the customer requests the service to ensure that each customer's service request is the fastest and most satisfactory response. Any department or any employee of the company has the responsibility and obligation to answer and solve the problem to the user as long as it receives any form of service request from the user. For questions that cannot be answered, resolved, or surpassed by one's own responsibilities, you should write down the user's contact information and answer the user after finding the answer. Or hand over the telephone records to the customer service department, and coordinate with the company to assign a special person to contact the user.

2, the person responsible for the system

In order to solve your problem at the fastest speed, our company adopts the first-person responsibility system to configure the special person responsibility system, and the first person's telephone record is handed over to the customer service department, and the company internally coordinates and assigns a special person to the customer. The service, and the customer's every request, establish a service file, and has been monitored in real time until the problem is satisfactorily resolved. At the same time, when the customer's next service request arrives, the last service personnel will be prioritized for the best service effect.


4. Service response method

Quickly respond to customer service requests in the following ways:

1. Customer Service Center Customer Service Hotline (86-415-6123805) to ensure that users can get 24-hour technical support. Using this to solve most customer service requests is also the best way to comply with the modern customer service model. Customers are advised to adopt this approach.

2, fax service (0415-6153217): For more eager, the phone can not clearly describe the service request, it is recommended that customers use fax.

3. E-mail: For general service requests, users can use e-mail: can both issue service requests and save on phone bills.

4, website message: ( For general service requests, users can use the website message, in this way can solve problems with the technical staff through the network chat, and deepen the communication between the two sides.


5. Product training

1. Training objects

Dandong Tongda Technology Co., Ltd. trains the relevant technical personnel designated by the unit or individual who sells the products, including product administrators and daily operators.

2. Training methods

(1) Provide indoor and on-site training for operators;

(2) On-site training is provided by the main technical staff.

3. Training arrangements

(1) We provide on-site technical training to users free of charge according to user needs. The contents include equipment installation and commissioning, detailed circuit diagram of control system, maintenance and maintenance technology of high-voltage generator X-ray tube, and other related technical problems. After the training, the buyer shall provide free technical service at any time in case of operational obstacles. To ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

(2) During the operation of the product, we will regularly assign technicians to visit and conduct targeted peer-to-peer training, strengthen professional knowledge, improve skills, and master the daily maintenance of the product.

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