TZG-5 Multi-Function Integrated Measurement Accessory
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TZG-5 Multi-Function Integrated Measurement Accessory

Features: Polarography test using transmission or reflection Stress testing can be performed usinq the tilting method or the same tilting method. Film testing (in-plane rotation of the sample)
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 Multi-function integrated measurement accessory

It is designed and installed on the wide-angle goniometer, which is used to analyze the film on the plate material, block material and substrate, and to detect crystal phase orientation and stress.


Functional characteristics

Carry out polar diagram test by transmission and reflection

The stress test can be carried out by the parallel dip method or the same dip method

Film test(sample in-plane rotation)


Application area

Evaluation of aggregate structure of metals such as rolled plate

Evaluation of ceramic

Evaluation of preferred orientation of thin film samples

Residual stress test of various metal materials and ceramic materials(evaluation of wear resistance, cutting resistance etc.);

Resistance stress testing of the  multilayer film(evaluation of peeling of the film, etc.);

Analysis of Oxidation and Nitriding Films on the Surface of High Temperature Superconducting material film and metal plate

Analysis of basic multilayer films of glass, SI, metal (magnetic film, metal surface hardened film, etc.)

Analysis of macromolecular materials, paper, lens and other electroplating materials.


Technical specifications

Α axistilt:       Range of motion -45°~90°, Smaller stride length 0.001°/step       

Β axisin-plane rotation: Range of motion 0°~360°, Small stride length 0.001°/step

X axis: Range of motion   Range of motion ±10mmSmall stride length 0.001mm/step 

Y axis: Range of motion    Small stride length 0.001mm/step 

Z axis:forward and backward rotation: Range of motion ±10mm, Small stride length 0.001mm/step                

Samples size:             larger mediumΦ40mmthickness10mm

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