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Professional achievement model   Integrity creates the brand

As a pioneer in the domestic industry, Dandong Tongda Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. has provided customers with advanced products and excellent services since its establishment with professional team and professional spirit.
For research, commercial and other fields, it is our consistent goal to provide products with higher efficiency and more reliable performance for diffraction analysis, sample structure, qualitative and quantitative applications. At the same time, it cooperates with universities and top domestic scientists to continuously upgrade products and develop new products to break the international monopoly, benefit the society and create value for users.
Tongda brand has a wide range of recognition at home and abroad, and integrity is an important point. In today's highly competitive market economy, in the context of the integration of credit data, companies without integrity will naturally be eliminated by society. The brand value of Tongda is accumulated from the bit by bit and down-to-earth practical actions. After the two words, there are many sincere service employees and reliable products. Honesty is the foundation of Tongda and the core values. 

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