TD-5000 Single Crystal XRD
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TD-5000 Single Crystal XRD

PILATUS Hybrid pixel detector is a revolutionary development in the field of X-ray detectors that enables better date quality while ensuring low power consumption and cooling. The detector combines the key technology single photo counting and hybrid pixel for applications in various fields such as synchrotron radiation and conventional laboratory light sources to eliminate the interference of readout noise and dark current. Hybrid image cable technology can directly detect X-ray signals that are more distinguishable. And the PILATUS detector is highly efficient at delivering high quality data from your more challenging samples.
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Product description

TD-5000 X-ray single crystal diffractometer product introducteion

Domestic exclusive- to fill the domestic gap


Instrument function:     

TD-5000 single crystal X-ray diffractometer is mainly used to measure the three-dimensional spatial structure and electron cloud density of inorganic and organic materials. The structure of special materials such as twins, in-commensurate crystals and quasi-crystals were analyzed and the accurate three-dimensional space (including bond length, bond angle, configuration, conformation and electron density) of new compounds (crystal) was determined. It can provide crystal cell parameters space group, crystal molecular structure, hydrogen bond and weak interaction information, molecular configuration and conformation information.     




Features of the instrument

the whole machine adopts Programmable Logic Controller PLC control technology ;     

easy to operate, one-key acquisition system

modular design, accessories plug and play, no calibration required

touch screen real-time online monitoring, display instrument status

high power X-ray generator, stable and reliable performance

electronic lead door inter locking device, double protection.



Instrument accuracy

2θangle repetition accuracy:0.0001°;

Minimum index angle:0.0001°;                             

Temperature control rang:100K—300K

Control accuracy:±0.3K


TD-5000 X-ray single crystal diffractometer adopts the four-circle concentric technology to ensure that the center of the goniometer remains unchanged no matter how the rotation occurs. To achieve the purpose obtaining the most accurate date and obtaining a higher integrity rate, and the four concentric circles are necessary conditions for routine single scanning. And it carries a PILATUS surface detector that makes higher data quality and faster scanning.


PILATUS Surface Detector Features 

 Sensitive area [mm2]:83.8 × 70.0

Pixel size [µm2]:172 × 172

Pixel spacing:< 0.03%

Max collar rate[Hz]:20

Read out time [ms]:7

Energy range [keV]:3.5 - 18 

 Test results


Optional attachments

Multilayer film focusing lens

X-ray tube rate:30W / 50W;Divergence:0.5~1 mrad;

X-ray tube target:Mo / Cu spot;Focal spot:0.5~2 mm。


Sales performance

      The technical personnel of the company have completed the installation and debugging of the foreign single crystal X-ray diffractometer, and the test results are very satisfactory to the foreign users. Function, stability and after-sales service by foreign users of the unanimous praise